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Skin Moles Are Not Always Beauty Marks

The medical name for moles is Nevi. A mole forms when a cluster of several skin pigment cells joins together rather than being evenly distributed across the surface of the skin. It’s very common for individuals to have a few dozen moles, commonly referred to as beauty marks....

Hemorrhoids Are the Proverbial Pain in the Butt

Hemorrhoids are the Proverbial Pain in the Butt | Victorville General Surgeon
Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels that form just inside the anus. This is a common, non-life threatening situation that affects the majority of individuals at some time during their lives. When the swelling increases, hemorrhoids can come out through the anus and form small...

Surgical Procedure: Hernia Repair

Surgical Procedure: Hernia Repair | Dr. Elijah Mobley Glendora
There are two types of hernias: the ventral hernia in the abdomen and the inguinal hernia in the groin area. General surgeon Dr. Elijah Mobley will discuss your options with you and depending upon the severity of the hernia, location of the hernia, and your medical history, he...

What to Expect during the Recovery Period after Surgery

What to Expect During the Recovery Period after Surgery | Apple Valley Procedures
Your recovery period following surgery depends greatly on the type of surgery you had as well as whether you had the surgery as an inpatient or outpatient, who comes in for surgery went home and went home afterward. The recovery for outpatient surgery is a lot different from most...