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Breast Cancer Gene (BRCA) and Double Mastectomy Surgery

Breast Cancer Gene (BRCA) and Double Mastectomy Surgery
More and more general surgeons are being asked to perform double mastectomy surgery on women who are in excellent health and do not display any symptoms of breast cancer. There is a very good reason for their request in most cases. They have had a positive genetic BRCA1 or BRCA2...

Fifty Years after the First General Surgeon’s Report

Fifty Years After First General Surgeon Report
It was 50 years ago that the Surgeon General first released a report citing the significant link between tobacco use and lung cancer, heart disease and death. In 1964, nearly 42 percent of American adults used tobacco products of some sort. Despite the fact that the number of...

The Effects of Smoking on Surgical Recovery

Smoking and Surgery
By now, everyone knows that smoking is bad for the body; even Big Tobacco is admitting it. Lung cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, and even dental problems have been attributed to prolonged smoking.