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Kidney Stone Surgery

Kidney Stone Surgery | Victorville General Surgeon Dr. Mobley
Kidney stones can range in size from very small to very large. Most stones are small enough that they will pass through your system without any medical assistance. But, even small stones can get lodged in the urinary tract, and that can block the flow of urine from the kidneys....

Vasectomy: What it is and What to Expect

Vasectomy: What it is and What to Expect | Victorville General Surgeon
A vasectomy is a minimally invasive, elective, birth control procedure that makes a man sterile. Because this process is 100% effective and permanent, you need to be certain that you do not want to ever impregnate your partner. To ensure that a vasectomy is not a spur of the...

Yes, Even Adults can need a Tonsillectomy

Yes, Even Adults can need a Tonsillectomy | Victorville Surgeon Dr. Mobley
When people think about having tonsils removed, they think that the operation is for children. In fact, there are a lot of adults who have their tonsils removed for tonsil related problems. While the tonsils are two groups of lymph tissues located at the back of the throat, are...

Breast Lift Surgery to Rejuvenate Shape and Firmness

Over time a woman’s breasts, both large and small, will lose their youthful firmness and elasticity. While the majority of women experience this change as they age, there are younger women with very large breasts that tend to lose their shape due to gravity. Other reasons for the...

Breast Reduction: The Upside of Downsizing

Breast Reduction: The Upside of Downsizing | Dr. Mobley General Surgeon
Having very large breasts often causes discomfort or pain in the back, neck, and shoulder areas. The extra weight carried on the chest also causes headaches, shortness of breath, and poor posture. Extra pressure on the shoulders and the collar bones from the pull of bra straps...