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January 2014

Myths vs. Facts: Colon Cancer

Myths vs Facts: Colon Cancer | San Dimas General Surgeon
While colon cancer is relatively common among Los Angeles County patients, that does not necessarily mean that it is well understood by the general public. Most people in Glendora go for a regular colonoscopy in order to benefit from early detection of colon cancer and enjoy the...

Is Weight-Loss Surgery Worth the Risk?

Is Weight-Loss Surgery Worth the Risk? | Montclair General Surgeon
Any surgical procedure comes with its own set of benefits and risks, and bariatric surgery is no exception.Most importantly, Glendora patients should make it a point to work with an expert general surgeon who will help guide them and provide them with insight on whether this is...

Fifty Years after the First General Surgeon’s Report

Fifty Years After First General Surgeon Report
It was 50 years ago that the Surgeon General first released a report citing the significant link between tobacco use and lung cancer, heart disease and death. In 1964, nearly 42 percent of American adults used tobacco products of some sort. Despite the fact that the number of...

Eating after Stomach Surgery

Eating After Stomach Surgery in Glendora
Los Angeles County patients who are about to undergo stomach surgery need to understand the implications that this surgery will have on their eating habits. In the recovery period immediately following the surgery, Glendora patients have to understand that their stomach will be...