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February 2014

Different Types of Digestive Disorders

Different Types of Digestive Disorders | San Dimas General Surgeon
The digestive system works with the body in order to break down and absorb nutrients, as well as move waste through the body. It plays an important role in a person’s health, and when the digestive system is functioning well, Glendora patients feel good. What are Common...

What Is Abdominal Trauma?

What is Abdominal Trauma? | San Dimas Stomach General Surgeon
Those in Los Angeles County who have experienced abdominal trauma should make it a point to see an expert general surgeon regarding their injuries. While there may now be no outward sign of injury when it comes to abdominal trauma, it is still important for Glendora patients to...

Common Robotic Surgery Questions

Common Robotic Surgery Questions | Montclair Minimally Invasive Surgery
Robotic surgery is one of the most advanced surgical techniques available, and many patients throughout Los Angeles County are finding that this minimally invasive surgery option is the best choice for them.

Common Appendicitis Symptoms

Common Appendicitis Symptoms | Montclair Appendix General Surgeon
Inflammation of the appendix may result in appendicitis — a dangerous condition which should be addressed promptly by a general surgeon. Appendicitis can be a life threatening condition, because, in some cases, the appendix may burst. By recognizing and understanding the symptoms...