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January 2018

Bye Bye Bunion

Bye Bye Bunion | Victorville & Glendora General Surgeon Dr. Elijah Mobley
When you have a painful bunion that has not responded to non-surgical treatments, it is time to seek a resolution for your problem. Most people don’t realize that, the longer someone lives with a foot deformity, the more serious the situation can become. Not only is it difficult...

Time to Remove those Skin Cysts

Time to Remove those Skin Cysts | Dr. Mobley Victorville General Surgeon
When the cyst, or cysts, on your head, face, ear, neck, arms, legs, or upper body, has become large, red, swollen, painful, or infected, the worst thing you can do is to try to squeeze or pop open the cyst. This does not remove the cause of the cyst and may well further irritate...