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August 2018

Vanish those Varicose Veins

Vanish those Varicose Veins | Victorville Dr. Mobley General Surgeon
When the valves in the leg veins are not working properly, the veins will become enlarged as the blood cannot freely flow back and forth to the heart. The result of all the extra blood pooling in the vein is the appearance of a bulge growing under the skin. The visible signs of...

Yes, Even Adults can need a Tonsillectomy

Yes, Even Adults can need a Tonsillectomy | Victorville Surgeon Dr. Mobley
When people think about having tonsils removed, they think that the operation is for children. In fact, there are a lot of adults who have their tonsils removed for tonsil related problems. While the tonsils are two groups of lymph tissues located at the back of the throat, are...