What is an Ostomy?

What Is an Ostomy?

An ostomy is a surgical treatment for certain types of intestinal and bowel diseases and may be a treatment option for San Bernardino County patients who are suffering from those conditions. During this operation, the general surgeon will make a hole in the patient’s abdomen.

Laparoscopy vs Robotic Surgery

Laparoscopy vs. Robotic Surgery

Throughout the last several decades, many surgical procedures that were traditionally performed utilizing open techniques have been updated and enhanced with minimally-invasive surgical techniques. Los Angeles County residents who are looking into their surgical options may come across the chance to have a laparoscopic surgery performed, and they may also be presented with an opportunity…

Nutrition is Important After Breast Cancer Surgery Los Angeles

Nutrition Is Important after Breast Cancer Surgery

The recovery from breast cancer surgery can be both physically and emotionally exhausting for Los Angeles County patients. There are some side effects of this surgery, such as nausea and vomiting, as well as the physical recovery that patients must endure. In addition to coping with the recovery process, Glendora patients also are concerned with…

Recent Study on Double Mastectomy Los Angeles

Recent Study on Double Mastectomy

Los Angeles County women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer often immediately start thinking about their treatment options, and many times that include a surgical procedure. For some women, opting to have the lump removed is the best choice. However other San Dimas women feel that a double mastectomy is the safest option for…

Maintaining A Healthy Colon

Maintaining a Healthy Colon

Taking care of your colon can improve your quality of life in many ways. Many people begin attempting to improve their colon health because they are at risk for intestinal diseases such as diverticulitis or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. However, even those in San Bernardino County who are not at risk for these diseases can benefit…