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Cervical Dysplasia Treatment Options

Cervical Dysplasia Treatment Options | Dr. Mobley General Surgeon
Once your personal doctor has confirmed that the results from your last few pap smears are abnormal, you will want to talk with a Glendora General Surgeon about your treatment options. Moderate to severe cervical dysplasia is considered precancerous and is not a condition to be...

Uterine Fibroid Surgery

Uterine Fibroid Surgery | Victorville Dr. Mobley General Surgeon
Your personal physician has confirmed you have uterine fibroids that are not responding to conventional medications and recommends surgery to relieve your symptoms and to remove the fibroids. During your pre-operative consultation, your Glendora General Surgeon will review your...

Anal or Rectal Abscess Surgery

Anal or Rectal Abscess Surgery | Dr. Mobley General Surgeon
That pain and discomfort you feel when you have a bowel movement may be more serious than a hemorrhoid; it may be an anal or rectal abscess. Depending on the location of the abscess, this painful accumulation of pus may be called a rectal, a perirectal, an anal, or a perianal...

Ask These Important Questions Before Your Surgery

Ask These Important Questions Before Your Surgery | Dr. Mobley General Surgeon
Having surgery is a serious decision, and you want to be fully informed about the procedure before the day of the surgery. It is totally understandable that people will be nervous and even have a hundred questions running through their minds about their surgery. But, at the same...

Lap Band Surgery – What to Expect

Lap Band Surgery - What to Expect | Dr. Elijah Mobley General Surgeon
Maybe you have been vastly overweight for years, maybe you have a health condition that is related to obesity, or maybe you have not been able to successfully achieve and keep your weight under control with conventional programs or prescriptions. Whatever the underlying reason is...