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Inflamed Appendix? Don’t Wait for It to Burst

Inflamed Appendix? Don’t Wait for it to Burst | Victorville General Surgeon
If your family doctor has determined that you have appendicitis, an inflammation of your appendix that cannot be treated with medications, he will refer you to a Victorville General Surgeon on a priority basis for an appendectomy, the removal of your appendix. While most...

What Is Appendicitis?

What is Appendicitis?
The appendix is a small organ in the body, one that most people in Los Angeles County don’t give much thought to. However, when a San Dimas resident begins experiencing severe abdominal pain, they may begin giving this 3-and-a-half inches of tissue some further thought.

Common Appendicitis Symptoms

Common Appendicitis Symptoms | Montclair Appendix General Surgeon
Inflammation of the appendix may result in appendicitis — a dangerous condition which should be addressed promptly by a general surgeon. Appendicitis can be a life threatening condition, because, in some cases, the appendix may burst. By recognizing and understanding the symptoms...

How to Approach Appendicitis

Appendicitis is a condition that can occur at any point in a person’s life. Some people contract appendicitis during their childhood, while others are afflicted with it during their adult years. Los Angeles County patients who show signs or symptoms of appendicitis should...