Inflamed Appendix? Don’t Wait for it to Burst | Victorville General Surgeon

Inflamed Appendix? Don’t Wait for It to Burst

If your family doctor has determined that you have appendicitis, an inflammation of your appendix that cannot be treated with medications, he will refer you to a Victorville General Surgeon on a priority basis for an appendectomy, the removal of your appendix. While most surgeries for appendicitis are performed on an emergency basis because the…

What is Appendicitis?

What Is Appendicitis?

The appendix is a small organ in the body, one that most people in Los Angeles County don’t give much thought to. However, when a San Dimas resident begins experiencing severe abdominal pain, they may begin giving this 3-and-a-half inches of tissue some further thought.

Common Appendicitis Symptoms | Montclair Appendix General Surgeon

Common Appendicitis Symptoms

Inflammation of the appendix may result in appendicitis — a dangerous condition which should be addressed promptly by a general surgeon. Appendicitis can be a life threatening condition, because, in some cases, the appendix may burst. By recognizing and understanding the symptoms of appendicitis, San Dimas patients can address the condition prior to it becoming…