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Effects Of Smoking

So They Found Colon Polyps – What Does That Mean?

So They Found Colon Polyps - What Does That Mean? | Victorville General Surgeon
It’s not uncommon to hear the surgeon say “polyps” after having a routine colonoscopy, but many patients don’t understand what this term really means, nor the effect polyps have on the body. While most polyps pose no immediate threat to your health,...

Time to Quit

Time To Quit
According to a new study, smoking is the cause of more than 14 million medical conditions in American adults each year. These numbers are on the rise across the country and in Los Angeles County. In the year 2000, the Center for Disease Control estimated that there were 12.7...

Fifty Years after the First General Surgeon’s Report

Fifty Years After First General Surgeon Report
It was 50 years ago that the Surgeon General first released a report citing the significant link between tobacco use and lung cancer, heart disease and death. In 1964, nearly 42 percent of American adults used tobacco products of some sort. Despite the fact that the number of...

The Effects of Smoking on Surgical Recovery

Smoking and Surgery
By now, everyone knows that smoking is bad for the body; even Big Tobacco is admitting it. Lung cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, and even dental problems have been attributed to prolonged smoking.