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Types of Pancreas Surgery

Types of Pancreas Surgery | High Desert General Surgical Procedures
Whether you have cysts, lesions, or tumors related to your pancreas, the type of pancreatic surgery that you will need will depend on where they are located. After a thorough analyst of your individual situation, your Glendora General Surgeon will determine the method of...

When Gallbladder Problems May Require Open Incisions

When Gallbladder Problems May Require Open Incisions | Victorville General Surgeon
Many types of gallbladder problems indicate the need for a cholecystectomy, which is the term for removal of the gallbladder. Some indications for this type of procedure include problematic gallstones, inflammation of the gallbladder, gallbladder cancer, and biliary pancreatitis....

General Warning Signs for Gallbladder Problems

General Warning Signs for Gallbladder Problems | Glendale Surgeon Dr. Mobley
Roughly 20 million Americans suffer from some form of gallbladder disease. Luckily, gallbladder-related diseases and illnesses are generally fairly easy to treat; gallbladders are not essential organs and can be safely removed, with a fairly minimal recovery process. Here are a...

Gall Bladder Removal: Procedure and Recovery

Gall Bladder Removal Procedure and Recovery | Glendora General Surgeon
Dr. Elijah Mobley, general surgeon, provides surgical services to the residents of Los Angeles County. One of the most common surgical procedures Dr. Elijah Mobley provides is laparoscopic gallbladder surgery provides many advantages over open gallbladder surgery including less...

Preparing for Gall Bladder Removal

Preparing for Gall Bladder Removal
Dr. Elijah Mobley, a general surgeon in Los Angeles County, performs laparoscopic gallbladder surgery, which is a less invasive procedure than open gallbladder surgery. Instead of removing your gallbladder using a large incision of five to six inches long, this procedure allows...